“My approach to therapy is narrative-driven, emotion-focused, and somatic. In recognizing the important connection between mind and body, I work to help clients explore the stories they hold about themselves and others, and to better understand the sensations and emotions they experience.”

—Austin Edge, MFT Intern

Austin’s Areas of Focus

Austin offers both in-person and virtual therapy in Washington.

About Austin

In his practice, Austin Edge, MFT Intern, approaches the therapeutic relationship from a place of compassion and curiosity, and he works to highlight clients’ strengths and competencies. He believes in the power of acceptance as a way to reduce shame and facilitate change, allowing clients to explore their experiences without fear of judgment.

Austin honors the complexity of each client’s identity and unique history. He understands that, as individuals, we are shaped by a variety of factors, including our upbringing, relationships, culture, and social location. Austin strives to create a space where all aspects of each client’s identity are seen, celebrated, and validated. As such, he is aware of and attentive to the impact of his identity in the therapeutic relationship, and he values the practice of recognizing how his own biases, beliefs, and experiences can influence the therapeutic process.

Austin brings with him a decade of experience in the field of youth and teen development—he helped oversee a teen center, ran youth leadership and music programs, and developed workshops on such topics as healthy relationships and job readiness. Through these experiences, he learned the value of embracing humor, authenticity, and playfulness as a way to create a sense of connection and help others navigate difficult emotions and experiences with greater ease.

Get to Know Austin

Training & Education

Austin has a BA in Community Psychology from the University of Washington and is currently working toward his MA in Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University Seattle. At OptimalLife Wellness Center, Austin’s work is supervised by Lara Symonds, MA, LMFT, DCEP.