Eva LaFollette, MA, LMHC, OptimalLife Wellness Center Therapist
Eva LaFollette, MA, LMHC

“I help people discover themselves and learn that they are not the story they tell themselves. And when people find that self-confidence and gain some coping skills, it’s so amazing. It’s kind of like watching the birth of somebody, the birth of their true selves.”

—Eva LaFollette, MA, LMHC

Eva’s Areas of Focus

Eva offers both in-person and online therapy in Washington.

About Eva

Eva LaFollette is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who joined OptimalLife Wellness in 2015. Eva takes a holistic approach to mental wellness. She uses Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as well as her skills as a yoga instructor to incorporate mindfulness, breathing, and stretching into her therapy sessions. Eva helps her clients to understand suffering, to learn new skills, and to make changes in life without roadblocks, like shame and guilt.

Eva began her working life as a barber and found joy in talking with people and hearing their stories. As a therapist, Eva uses her ability to hear her clients’ stories and put the pieces together to become a tool and change agent in her clients’ journeys to discover themselves. She is forthright and direct, but humanistic and compassionate with her clients. Eva believes that clients come to OptimalLife Wellness because of the holistic view and approach to a person’s wellness.

When she is not working, Eva likes to spend time with her husband and her grandchild, enjoys canning and dehydrating food, and takes weekly hikes with her hiking group.

Get to Know Eva

Training & Education

Eva received her Master’s Degree in Psychology from Antioch University Seattle in 2001. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Western Washington University.