“I am dedicated to creating a safe, trusting space where genuine connection can build over time and to the depth needed to nurture meaningful changes and personal growth. It is my goal to assist you in exploring your potential, strengths, and aspirations to heal trauma at its core and reveal a holistic view and deep understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and past experiences. Trusting the process and being patient with yourself lead to deep healing.”

—Wenrui Li, MS, LPC

Wenrui’s Areas of Focus

Languages Spoken

  • Chinese
  • Mandarin
  • English

About Wenrui

Trained in EMDR and Internal Family System (IFS), Wenrui uses her genuine interest in people’s history, ways of being, and potential within them to heal to guide her counseling technique. She values every client’s unique pace in forming a relationship and allows an authentic connection to grow through the safe, and nurturing space she cultivates.

Wenrui is dedicated to helping clients find greater confidence in their capabilities, clarity of their past, and motivation for the future to achieve deep healing. She understands that this takes time and advocates for patience with the process while offering full acceptance.

Trauma’s ability to profoundly impact the body influences Wenrui’s value in the importance of not only our minds in therapy but also our bodies. Considering cultural influence, she believes that many people express or feel emotions almost only through their body reactions but overlook the meaning of their physical discomfort.

She assures her clients that although it can be confusing or even scary to discover the messages our body sends us, she is there to make you feel confident and comfortable to begin your journey toward mental and physical healing.

In her free time, Wenrui loves making art—recently she’s been working on Macrame and paper rose projects. She believes art teaches her how to be patient and builds her resilience, seeing how small steps make big differences when you’re creating something beautiful.

While also a fan of having deep conversations, laughing and being “silly” with her 7-year-old daughter is a favorite in Wenrui’s daily routine. She cherishes life through her gratitude for these memorable moments and is passionate about living to the fullest.

Wenrui is currently offering online therapy to Texas and Washington residents. Please be aware that Wenrui cannot offer in-person crisis intervention. Please call or text 988, the mental health crisis line, if you need to talk.

Training & Education

Wenrui graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She is trained in EMDR and IFS.