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OptimalLife Wellness holistically blends conventional and alternative approaches during therapy. Our talented therapists work with all clients to help them build on their strengths, identify and achieve life goals, and overcome past destructive patterns. Through a collaborative mind-body process, you and your therapist will create a wellness plan to help you manage symptoms related to depression, trauma, anxiety, and more. Our Seattle counseling services help you learn to navigate life’s rough patches.

Counseling for Anxiety

Counseling for Anxiety in Seattle

Are you a prisoner of your own fear, living in the future more than the present?

Partner with a Seattle counselor and implement a therapy plan that combines holistic anxiety treatment approaches to free you from the endless cycle of worry, fear, and doubt. Get back to enjoying the life you deserve to have!


Therapy for LGBTQIA+ Issues in Seattle

Do you struggle with issues of sexuality, sexual identity, or gender? 

Work with our Seattle LGBTQIA+ counselors to help free you from the destructive path of shame, fear, and self-rejection, and learn to cultivate self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment in Seattle

Does even the simplest task feel overwhelming and exhausting?

Work with our Seattle therapists to integrate depression therapy treatments and custom design a wellness plan to help you cope with the worst symptoms of your depression. Get back to feeling like yourself again!


Couples Counseling in Seattle

Do you feel stuck in your relationship, like you and your partner have the same argument over and over?

Our Seattle relationship therapists help couples navigate and heal from difficult times in their relationships. Learn how to improve communication, intimacy, and connection.

Therapy for Children & Teens

Children and Teen Therapy in Seattle

Feel like you don’t know your own child anymore?

Our Seattle counselors are specially trained to work with children and adolescents with mental health issues—depression and anxiety to dealing with divorce, bullying, and other life issues.

for Families

Family Therapy in Seattle

Is grief, stress, anger, or a specific incident affecting your entire family?

Our Seattle therapists work with families to improve connection, handle conflict, and piece your relationships back together. Family members in therapy learn to talk and listen to each other in a safe environment.

Other Ways We Can Help

Partner with a Seattle therapist and implement a custom counseling plan that combines mind-body approaches for career transitions, PTSD and trauma recovery, weight and nutrition issues, work/life balance, ADHD, and more.

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